Certified by 10000+ Happy Dogs & Puppies

Exercise Your Dog's Mind

Pawzler makes dog puzzles that put your dog’s nose and brain to work. This mental workout can help reduce boredom, anxiety, and destructive behavior.

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Certified by 10000+ Happy Dogs & Puppies

We launched a new set

We Have a Beginner Set!

For the first time ever, we are adding a new set to our collection. Check out our beginner set, a perfect introduction to interactive play.

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We launched a new pawzle

LOUVRE is Here!

Expand your collection with our new addition Louvre. Slide your way to yummy treats.

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Certified by 10000+ Happy Dogs & Puppies

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Certified by 10000+ Happy Dogs & Puppies

One Toy.
Limitless Possibilities.

Our unique modular approach allows you to continuously re-invent the toy. Just rearrange the pawzles or merge bases to keep the fun going.

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How Pawzles Make
Paws Happy

Each pawzle is designed to mentally engage your dog’s mind and natural instincts through different treat-hiding mechanisms. Just 5 minutes of mental workout can benefit your dog’s well-being as much as 20 minutes of physical activity. This also makes it perfect for rainy days, senior dogs and dogs with injuries.

Pawzles will keep your dog entertained, as they use their natural hunting skills to find hidden treats. This mental workout can help reduce destructive and anxious behavior as well as boost confidence and help your dog with stressful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.

Pawzles will keep your dog busy as they focus their energy and attention on a task of their own while you navigate your daily work challenges. Dogs love to put their doggy thinking cap on, and pawzles are a great way to allow them to problem solve through engaging their natural instincts, so that both of you can have a productive day.

Play, explore and problem solve together. Pawzles are a great way to connect and strengthen a positive relationship with your dog by helping them learn and progress on their pawzling journey.

Feeding meals through pawzles can slow the “hasty eaters” and help prevent digestive health problems from eating too fast. On the other hand, it can help motivate “picky eaters” through satisfying their natural desire to hunt and work for their food.

Keep The Fun Going

Customize your toy by adding individual pawzles or replace them in case of damage.

Our Customers Say

Rebeka, 26 Sonic, 2


"Working from home is so much easier with Pawzler. I used to be anxious during meetings since Sonic kept running around the apartment. I tried many other toys and nothing kept him entertained as long as an Elite Mix.”

Jana, 31 Murf, 4


“I have a very active pup that is hard to tire out with walks alone. Therefore, Pawzler has been a huge part of our days so that Murf is always calm and happy.”

Karin, 35 Freddie, 6


“I wish I tried something like this earlier. I feed Freddie all of his meals in Pawzler and I am noticing a huge difference in his demeanor. He is not anxious at all anymore and he is calmer on walks as well.”


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